HOTSPOT EXPRESS, defacto, built to offer products & solutions, with/without customization, as licence based software product against ONE TIME FEE for LIFE TIME LICENCE and solution as a turnkey project which can be easily re-installed by the customers themselves with/without our assistance. In short, we offer products & solutions, whether in stand-alone mode or hosted-mode as a Fully Automated Completely Repeatable Solution.

To achieve the above, we had to add our software into the Shortened Linux platform, so that our customers do not need to search for the compatible Linux OS to install our software/solution on top of it. Thus the product & solutions are delivered in a Self-bootable and Self-Installing CD/ISO format. This helps us to offer high reliability that many of our customers have been using our software/solutions continuously for many years, without even a single reboot, with only a very few support calls/incidences. Any specific configuration/customization related to any third party services or products involved in our solution is promptly handed over to the customers, for their documentation purposes to keep their confidence and privacy high.

Our flagship software product, hotEx billing manager is widely used in 1000+ premier hotels all over the world, with/without integrated with reputed PMS (hotel management software), payment gateways, sms-gateways, reverse-sms-billing gateways, etc., right from 2005 onward.

We also have been assisting Airports, Branded WiFi-Cafes and Corproate Companies for their visitor Internet access management inside their premises and large corporate guest houses, well compatible to their complicated secured networks.