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Solution for ISP/WISP - Bandwidth Management and Billing

hotEx Billing Manager reliable WiFi Billing System designed with scalability in mind. The LINUX based integrated solution caters right from authentication to accounting services. You can scale the concurrency from 50 to more than 1 million as your business grows.

You can use the same Billing System to bill wired and wireless customers. Billing system designed to accommodate Franchisee Networks. You have the freedom to choose the revenue share/fixed pricing models.

Enables ISP to exercise absolute control over every aspect of billing and the precious bandwidth just on a standard Pentium III or above servers that support CentOS-5.
This enables Internet Service Providers (ISP) to authenticate and bill their subscribers in broadband and/or wireless environments. The product features advanced subscriber authentication, granular billing, comprehensive reporting and high reliability

 Captive portal, AAA radius server,  Authentication, Accounting, Billing and subscriber management


ISP billing software radius aaa billing

Key Features

  SMS based billing -optional
  Readily available Pay-Pal online payment
  Tariff Plans based on Time/Volume/Speed
  https based UserName/Password based Authentication
  Any number of Tariff Plans both Pre-paid & Post-Paid
  Unlimited number of Access Points
  Single billing platform for wired and wireless networks
  Readily available Franchisee Billing model
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