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The hotex Billing Manager is designed to meet stringent requirements of authentication mechanism of hotspots within enterprises. This LINUX based software product is a cost effective tool to secure the wireless /wired systems. The authentications mechanisms are as good as what you normally find in the financials transactions.

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All that is required is to dedicate a Redhat 9.0 compatible Pentium server with 512Mb RAM or above. You can start with 50 concurrent user version and scale up.


The modular approach is one of the key differentiators that hotspot Express brings to the table. The chart below shows the components of hotspot Express captive Portal.

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We can easily integrate with existing DHCP server or Login Page Redirector. On similar lines hotspot Express has the expertise in integrating with existing LDAP or similar database server.

Key Features
  https based UserName/Password authentication
  Any number of Access Points
  Can be integrated with an external captive portal
  Single window to manage wired and wireless networks
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