Solution for WiFi Cafes

Single or Chain-of-Cafes use our software, to allow free/paid WiFi access to their visitors. Though many cafes offer free WiFi by implementing OTP (delivered through SMS) for every visitors including passers nearby, a few cafes restrict such usage by distributing pre-printed pin numbers to be authenticated in combination with SMS.

Chain-of-Cafes usually prefers the software to be installed in a cloud server, and in each location there will be a location-router with inbuilt WiFi ports, working in-tandem with hosted sms server, for sending OTP to the visitors for their limited Internet access. The access-log can be stored either in the usb-storage attached to the location-router or in the cloud server.

Though social authentication for WiFi access is a simple method, we have been suggesting the same to integrate with sms-authentication to make it legally useful.

Key Features

  • No additional manpower or software or hardware for a full-fledged billing solution other than iSpot.
  • True Plug & Play No client configuration whatsoever on the client laptops
  • Freedom to manage your WiFi business including complementary services
  • Benefit of shared Authentication & Billing Services from Hotspot Express
  • Convert your openwrt compliant WiFi Access into a Billing Router in just 10 minutes

he same solution can be implemented at a Cafe Chain too. The same solution has to be just replicated across the hotel chain. The AAA/Billing servers could be exclusively for a Hotel Chain if requirement is very huge.