HOTSPOT EXPRESS, continuously nurtured by Mr.Murugan, an alumnus of one of the prestigious engineering institutions in India (National Institute of Technology, Trichy, having mentored eminent technologists like Mr. Sridhar, founder of bloom-energy,  Mr. Chandrasekaran, chairman of tata-group, etc.) from 2005.

Pioneering in all our endeavors with strong penchant on niche technologies, we could quickly take on 'Captive Portal - core of WiFi authentication', and develop and supply WiFi Management Software, position and scaled-up to reach UAE markets, even before WiFi technology reached Indian hotels.

Every new feature has been implemented only after the clearance signal from our beta customers & patrons, magnanimously permitting their hotels to be used as nursery bed for our creativity.

All our IP related works are continuously patented and copyrighted. Necessary IP assets can be licenced to the suitable entities.